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The brisket and the sausage are the best options. The ribs are too fatty and we're under cooked. The staff were friendly and did a great job at serving out large group. My advise to only focus on the brisket and sausage when you go there.
Todd Chaston via - Jun 24, 2022
We had the food bag to go and it was the best BBQ we have ever eaten. We will be recommending to all of our renters and will be absolutely be making it a yearly order!
Jeffrey Hillen via - Jun 23, 2022
Mediocre at best. Chopped brisket was fatty, chili was tasteless. The smoked turkey and pulled pork was excellent. We got carryout and they forgot one of our sides.
Martina Crandall via - Jun 22, 2022
Delicious BBQ joint in North Myrtle Beach! Try the brisket, it's there name, lol! It's delicious. Can't wait to go back and try more!
Amy Everhart via - Jun 21, 2022
The brisket hands down is on point the best I’ve had so far, so tender moist, and seasoned to perfe
The brisket hands down is on point the best I’ve had so far, so tender moist, and seasoned to perfection no sauce is needed.
Shannon Claudio via - Jun 20, 2022
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Abdul S Abdul via - Jun 20, 2022
Excellent BBQ
We love bbq and try and try to find what we consider the best bbq in any city we frequently visit. We finally found our bbq place in MB and wish we didn’t find it on our last night there! The staff was so friendly, and the food…the food was great! We had the short rib and the brisket. Honestly, the best bbq we’ve had in a long time! ... read more
eheerdt via - Jun 20, 2022
Brisket has some of the best BBQ I have tasted!! The staff was very friendly. The brisket is the star of the show and will blow you away! The spare ribs are nothing to play with and I guarantee you will be going home with a doggy bag. I would highly recommend this place to anyone!!
Miguel Claudio via - Jun 19, 2022
Service and food are great.
Tommy Smith via - Jun 18, 2022
Best bbq joint in NMB
Just a small place with excellent beef brisket, yummy sauces and sides. Ordered chopped brisket with sides of coleslaw and delicious collard greens. Reasonably priced. Went back a second time in a week because we enjoyed it so much. My spouse had pulled pork and sausage link, both excellent.
Glenda W via - Jun 16, 2022
Amazing bbq, friendly service, relaxed and chill atmosphere. Loved the variety of sauces. But honestly, the meat was so flavorful and tender that you really didn't need any sauce at all. Will definitely come back the next time that we visit Myrtle.
Jennifer B via - Jun 11, 2022
Linda Silver via - Jun 10, 2022
THE BEST BBQ I HAVE EVER HAD!! We are from Massachusetts so good BBQ is hard to find ( it don't exist up there) Well I'm bout to pack up my whole house and live in the parking lot of this place. If I (god forbid) end up on death row this gone be my last meal. Its thats darn good i developed a southern accent after eating a meat tray ... read more
Michelle Smith via - Jun 9, 2022
Food was great. Texas rib was delicous. My favorite. Brisket was also very good. Daughters favorite. Excellent side!! Baked beans come slaw Macon cheese And great just puppies. We will be back. So glad we tried it.
phyliss fillmore via - Jun 8, 2022
Excellent food and a great selection of draft craft beers. Definitely will become a regular patron. Kudos on the brisket and the collard greens.
Roger Worthington via - Jun 8, 2022
Some of the best food I think I've ever had. Great drinks, too! Worth the stop any time you're near ... read more
Remy Sheppard via - Jun 8, 2022
Very good large portions ... read more
Henry Ward via - Jun 8, 2022
Delicious food. Small but cozy and I love the atmosphere. Will be back every time we visit MB.
Jenna Schall via - Jun 8, 2022
We seem to end up here every time we are in the area. The food is good. This a very relaxed, unpretentious place to have a good meal!
Bill Davis via - Jun 6, 2022
This small place is actually really quite good. Got the brisket nachos with smoked brisket it was so good and moist.
Alicia Hodges via - Jun 3, 2022
A hidden gem
I found this on TripAdvisor while looking for a decent place to eat in North Myrtle, that wasn’t seafood. Sat at the bar first while scouting out the place. Really cold cold beer!!! Such a plus. Cool little restaurant, service was great. A lot of regulars at the bar, also quite a plus. The food n service were great, it seemed all wor ... read more
769marianh via - Jun 3, 2022
Great meats and great sides. We got sliced brisket, turkey, and spare ribs. Everything was very moist and tender. The meats were accompanied with a corn cob and baked beans, both very tender and tasteful. Big chunk of delicious pecan pie finished the feast. I do recommend this place.
Dmytro Buldakov via - May 31, 2022
The best pulled chicken and BBQ pork!!! Great coleslaw and potato salad!!!
Jennifer Brisson via - May 25, 2022
Great place all the way around! Best pork rinds EVER!😁 ... read more
John Stickler via - May 24, 2022
Loved the food AND our waiter had a wonderful, upbeat attitude ❤ ... read more
Angela Pruchnik via - May 22, 2022
Not great.
Lee Maynor via - May 22, 2022
This place is exactly what I was looking for. Made from scratch food, amazing drinks (they have a bourbon flight) and they have that southern welcome. If you're looking for a chill spot to laugh with friends or just unwind. This is it.
Alyssa Mccarthy via - May 20, 2022
Omg. The food is so incredible ... read more
Charles Beattie via - May 16, 2022
Good bbq, I have to go back and try spare ribs next time.
Peter Peloquin via - May 12, 2022
Good food ... read more
big tim via - May 12, 2022
Fabulous food, drinks and service!
Elizabeth Banks via - May 10, 2022
Awesome brisket, generous portions and reasonable prices!
Kim Cummings via - May 9, 2022
Excellent food! So good you feel guilty putting BBQ sauce on it (which it doesn't need, but they make too) It's a fairly small place though so it can fill up pretty easily.
crash01369 via - May 8, 2022
Went to Brisket last night and am glad we did. Food was really good and James, our server, was exceptional. Lots of energy and seems to really enjoy what he does. If you're looking for a place that isn't corp style this is it. Kinda loud, rowdy and rustic ... read more
Dennis Choquette via - May 7, 2022
We're here on our honeymoon. When the check came it was only our bar tab. They paid for our wonderful dinners !!! The ribs were so awesome & HUGE! I loved the fried green tomatoes & the hush puppies and butter were delicious! Our waiter was so helpful and friendly! Definitely highly recommend this great place!
Terry Roeder via - May 6, 2022
Loved everything and the portions were very generous ... read more
Brody Haney via - May 6, 2022
Went to Brisket tonight for some good ol southern BBQ and was absolutely blown away. This is by far the best BBQ I’ve ever had in my entire life. To add to this the vibe is great as well as a extremely friendly and funny wait staff. The service was excellent, I will definitely be coming back to Brisket again soon! The Brisket and Mac ... read more
John Haase via - May 6, 2022
Confused by the Rave Reviews
We live good BBQ and have sampled it in many places in our travels. Based on the reviews, we had high expectations for the food from Brisket. My husband got the sliced brisket and cole slaw. The cole slaw was fine, the brisket mediocre; he’s definitely had better. I got the pulled chicken and Mac& cheese. The chicken was very dry, ev ... read more
Linda W via - May 1, 2022
Delicious! Pulled pork is the best I've ever ate. Sweet BBQ sauce was a favorite of us all in the group. The staff was friendly and attentive and don't let the small size of the place fool you. It's worth the wait to get in if you have too.
Jennifer Barrett via - Apr 24, 2022
The brisket was great!! Fast friendly service.
The brisket was great!! Fast friendly service.
TracyandBuck Branham via - Apr 24, 2022
Brisket and ribs were great, waiter was better. Overall awesome experience ... read more
Tom Perin via - Apr 22, 2022
Delicious! Good beer selection. Fantastic BBQ sauces! Brisket was perfect, tasty bark!
bill cavanaugh via - Apr 21, 2022
The best BBQ in Myrtle Beach. Customer service was amazing! Portions are incredible. It is a must stop if you are anywhere near Myrtle Beach!!
Mike Robilotto via - Apr 21, 2022
Great food cool bartenders ... read more
James Behrle via - Apr 21, 2022
Brisket from here was AMAZING. Juicy and delicious. Smoked turkey sandwich was very flavorful! Ordered to go lunch and it was ready in no time, packed up well.
Danielle Gorman via - Apr 20, 2022
Un lugar donde se puede disfrutar deliciosas costillas ... read more
Victor Hugo Dominguez Garcia via - Apr 17, 2022
Great food! Great staff! James and Christi are the best! It is a great place to visit and feel like you are at home.
Karen Cagle via - Apr 17, 2022
The owners are very nice people and the food is good ... read more
Ronan Baker via - Apr 16, 2022
Best brisket bbq in the south. Period ... read more
Mike Greene via - Apr 16, 2022
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Brian Amelia via - Apr 16, 2022
Food was fantastic. Smoked turkey breast the brisket imo. Really small, hard to get seated. BBQ sauce was not good, but we're northerners, it's my understanding the sauce was normal for the region. Go for lunch or at a non peak time!
Tim Cochran via - Apr 16, 2022
Highly recommend! Some of the best BBQ and baked beans I've ever had. Great and friendly staff. Short wait time but well worth it! Definitely will come back when we visit Myrtle Beach!
Kristi Miller via - Apr 14, 2022
I have visited this fantastic restaurant 5 times, and has continued to be impressed. All the meats are fresh and expertly grilled and smoked. The Brisket is my absolute favorite. Perfect cuts of juicy succulent meat, blended with the right amount fat, to create a taste, like non other. The staff is professional and welcoming. Pricing ... read more
Wendell Koger via - Apr 14, 2022
Cold beer, great brisket, terrific smoked then fried wings, try the brisket cheese steak ... read more
Joe Cesare via - Apr 13, 2022
brian golden via - Apr 12, 2022
This is a small establishment in North Myrtle Beach with excellent food! Ordinarily, I would have passed it up for a larger more recognizable chain-type restaurant but never again. We went as a group of 10+ and I was so impressed they they were able to accommodate us by pushing two tables together. Very casual but very pleasant emp ... read more
Allen Riley via - Apr 12, 2022
Excellent atmosphere, service and food 😊 ... read more
Jim Docka via - Apr 12, 2022
Very good bbq. Fun and friendly staff, we will definitely be back!
Dawne Domagala-Valenti via - Apr 11, 2022
really tastey TX styled beef
just about anybody can pull pork. and the style of it is pretty much personal taste. some folks do a good pork rib. again, style is up to you - dry, wet, vinegar, degree of tenderness, smoke, asian, memphis, st. louis.... but only a few do beef, and even fever do it well. This place rocks it. if you are going to call your place "bris ... read more
TheMasonFam via - Apr 11, 2022
We had the burger and cheesesteak. It was the best burger I've had and my husband's cheesesteak was also good. I'd recommend anyone give it a try. We will be back again.
Monica Welsh via - Apr 6, 2022
Amazing food, both dine-in and takeout for a gathering. All is good, especially liked the hot links and brisket (of course).
Jeremy Lang via - Apr 6, 2022
Friendly service, great brisket. Definitely worth checking out!!
Jacqueline via - Apr 4, 2022
We had a great lunch here yesterday. We were early as we were passing through town. We got a sampler with Brisket, pork, and hot links as well as the smoked salmon. Everything was delicious and the greens and mac were awesome. The sauce selection was fantastic. We're midwesterners and always look for local BBQ when we travel. This wa ... read more
d mather via - Apr 3, 2022
To start, Ignore any negative review of this place some people just live miserable lives and are ne
To start, Ignore any negative review of this place some people just live miserable lives and are never happy. So, this place has the best bbq I have had in a long time hands down. My hobby wishing to be full time job is bbq and bbq good enough to convert 2 vegans and 6 vegetarians catering small parties so I hold bbq to a high standa ... read more
Duke Ditch via - Apr 1, 2022
Just LOVE THEIR SMOKED WINGS AND COLLARD GREENS! BEST IN TOWN!!! AMy is the sweetest bartender, so attentive and chatty!! Just her and this place is why I like to dwell here!!! The food is Awesome and Amy's big smile and great service makes you come back over and over❤❤❤ ... read more
Toni Praete via - Mar 31, 2022
I am from Wisconsin. The food was much much better than the competition. The staff treated me as if l was a friend of the family. Excellent display of customer service.
Terrel Jones via - Mar 31, 2022
Great brisket, great people
We had brisket, kielbasa, Mac n cheese, chicken nachos, chicken tenders, and fries and enjoyed it all. Really enjoyed the mustard and vinegar sauces. Had a little mix up on our to-go order and the staff were very nice about making it right for us. Thanks for a delicious dinner on our last night of vacation.
litw8ontheroad via - Mar 31, 2022
Hands down, one of the best BBQ restaurants I've ever visited in Myrtle Beach! I tried the 3 meats 2 sides combo tray with kielbasa, chopped brisket, pulled pork, hushpuppies, and baked beans n bacon. Huge portion just for one person, but I managed to eat it all. It was amazing! The kielbasa and brisket were very juicy and flavorful.
Matthew Roberts via - Mar 30, 2022
Wonderful cozy place. Outstanding food and drinks. Owner is wonderful. You must ask and have there corn. Its deep fried. Outstanding!! I will be back again. Thanks!!! 😊 ... read more
Kevin H. via - Mar 26, 2022
Best food in Myrtle Beach.
Jon Liss via - Mar 24, 2022
Awesome food & staff. Brisket philly is my favorite here! Amy was great thanks!
Dy via - Mar 21, 2022
I have passed by this BBQ location for years… today was the day! We found the place on the rustic side with good service. Our waitress was a little overwhelmed, but got us taken care of just fine. Food was average +… Brisket sandwich and a trio combo with beans and greens. Sauces were good! Food Preparation 7/10 Service 7/10 Cleanli ... read more
Justin Williamson via - Mar 21, 2022
We shared the fried green tomato appetizer. Then I had the chopped brisket and potato salad. My daughter had the brisket and pulled pork with hush puppies. It's a small, rugged looking barbecue place, but the guide and service are very good.
Brenda La Fayette via - Mar 20, 2022
Absolutely top notch barbeque, the very best on the strand. I cannot recommend this place enough!!
David N via - Mar 17, 2022
Excellent. Totally excellent ... and a LOT of food for the money. Wow! The ribs were very good. The brisket was off the charts good. The sides were also very good. We will return soon.
Scotty Boy via - Mar 16, 2022
What an amazing dinner! We started off with the smoked salmon w/capers, spinach, onions, crackers and cream cheese. Delicious is not a big enough word to say yum! We had brisket and Turkey. Fried corn on the cob was scrumptious!
Elizabeth Stone via - Mar 16, 2022
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